L.3.1 STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL Abstract and Transfer Syntaxes

Applications interchanging data under the STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL profiles shall support the Information Object Definitions (IOD) and Transfer Syntaxes for the Media Storage SOP Class specified in Table L.3-1.

Table L.3-1

STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes

Information Object Definition Service Object Pair Class UID Transfer Syntax and UID FSC Requirement FSR Requirement
Basic Directory 1.2.840.10008.1.3.10 Explicit VR Little Endian Uncompressed 1.2.840.10008.1.2.1 Mandatory Mandatory
Composite Image & Stand-alone Storage Refer to: PS 3.4 for SOPs UID definitions Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement

Equipment claiming conformance to these Application Profiles shall list the subset of Media Storage SOP Classes and transfer syntaxes that it supports in its Conformance Statement.