These Application Profiles facilitate the interchange of images and related data through email.

The STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL and STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL profiles are intended for general purpose applications. They are not intended as a replacement for specific Application Profiles that may be defined for a particular clinical context. The STD-DTL-SEC-ZIP-MAIL profile is intended for the clinical context of the exchange of dental radiographs.

Note: It is possible to use email transport without using the encrypted secure profile. This would make sense for mailing DICOM objects that do not need protection.

L.2.1 Roles

L.2.1.1 File Set Creator

The role of File Set Creators shall be used by Application Entities that generate a File-set under any of the profiles listed in Table L.1-1. Typical entities that will use this role would include systems assigned to send images by email attachment to other systems. File Set Creators shall be able to generate the DICOMDIR directory file, and any supported DICOM Storage SOP Class Information Object files.

L.2.1.2 File Set Reader

The role of File Set Reader shall be used by Application Entities that receive a transferred File Set. File Set Readers shall be able to read the DICOMDIR directory file and all Information Objects defined for the specific Application Profiles, using the defined Transfer Syntaxes.

L.2.1.3 File Set Updater

The role of File Set Updater is not defined for these Application Profiles.