L.1 Profile Identification

This Annex defines three Application Profiles for interchange of a DICOM Data Set, encapsulated in a ZIP File, through email.

Two Application Profiles support all defined Media Storage SOP Classes. These are intended to be used for the interchange of Composite SOP Instances via email for general purpose applications. Objects from multiple modalities may be included on the same email. The email may also include non-DICOM objects. One of these general profiles supports encryption of the email.

A detailed list of the Media Storage SOP Classes is defined in PS 3.4

The other application profile is specialized for dental applications and adds mandatory requirements for dental images to the general secure email profile.

The specific Application Profiles are shown in Table L.1-1:

Table L.1-1

STD-x-ZIP-MAIL Application Profiles

Application Profile Identifier Description
General Purpose ZIP Email STD-GEN-ZIP-MAIL Interchange of Composite SOP Instances by email.
General Purpose Secure ZIP Email STD-GEN-SEC-ZIP-MAIL Interchange of Composite SOP Instances by encrypted email.
Dental Radiograph ZIP Email STD-DTL-SEC-ZIP-MAIL Interchange of dental radiographic images by encrypted email