The role of File Set Creator shall be used by Application Entities that generate a File Set under the STD-DEN-CD Application Profile. Typical entities using this role would include dental imaging equipment, workstations, and archive systems that generate a patient record for transfer. File Set Creators shall be able to generate the Basic Directory SOP Class Instance in the DICOMDIR file and Digital Intra-oral X-Ray and Digital X-Ray Image Storage SOP Class Instances in the File Set.

An FSC shall offer the ability to either finalize the disc at the completion of the most recent write session (no additional information can be subsequently added to the disc) or to allow multi-session (additional information may be subsequently added to the disc).

Note: A multiple volume (a logical volume that can cross multiple physical media) is not supported by this Application Profile Class. If a set of Files, e.g., a Study, cannot be written entirely on one CD-R, the FSC will create multiple independent DICOM File-sets such that each File-set can reside on a single CD-R media controlled by its individual DICOMDIR file. The user of the FSC can opt to use written labels on the discs to indicate that there is more than one disc for this set of files (e.g., a study).