Annex G (Normative) - General Purpose MIME Interchange Profile


This Annex defines an Application Profile Class including all defined Media Storage SOP Classes. This class is intended to be used for the interchange of Composite SOP Instances via e-mail for general purpose applications.

Note: This Media Storage Application Profile Class is not intended to replace the more robust DICOM Storage Service Class.

Objects from multiple modalities may be included on the same e-mail. A detailed list of the Media Storage SOP Classes that may be supported is defined in PS 3.4.

Table G.1-1


Application Profile Identifier Description
General Purpose MIME Interchange STD-GEN-MIME Handles interchange of Composite SOP Instances by e-mail.

The identifier for this General Purpose MIME Interchange profile shall be STD-GEN-MIME.

Equipment claiming conformance to this Application Profile shall list the subset of Media Storage SOP Classes that it supports in its Conformance Statement.

Note: Since it is not required to support all Media Storage Classes the user should carefully consider the subset of supported Media Storage SOP Classes in the Conformance Statements of such equipment to establish effective object interchange.


This Application Profile facilitates the interchange of images and related data through e-mail.

This profile is intended only for general purpose applications. It is not intended as a replacement for specific Application Profiles that may be defined for a particular clinical context.

Note: The present Application Profile does not include any specific mechanism regarding privacy. However it is highly recommended to use secure mechanisms (e.g. S/MIME) when using STD-GEN-MIME Application Profile over networks that are not otherwise secured.

G.2.1 Roles and Service Class Options

This Application Profile uses the Media Storage Service Class defined in PS3.4.

The Application Entity shall support one or two of the roles of File Set Creator (FSC) and File Set Reader (FSR), defined in PS 3.10. Because the exchange of e-mail does not involve storage, the role of File Set Updater (FSU) is not specified.

G.2.1.1 File Set Creator

The role of File Set Creator may be used by Application Entities which generate a File Set under this Interchange Class of Application Profiles.

File Set Creators may be able to generate the Basic Directory SOP Class in the DICOMDIR file with all the subsidiary Directory Records related to the Image SOP Classes included in the File Set.

The Application Entity acting as a File Set Creator generates a File Set under the STD-GEN-MIME Application Profile.

Note: A multiple volume (i.e. a logical volume that can cross multiple media) is not supported by this class of Application profile. Because MIME is a virtual medium and since e-mail mechanisms include some way of fragmenting MIME parts to be sent through limited size e-mail, there are no needs for multiple volume.

G.2.1.2 File Set Reader

The role of File Set Reader shall be used by Application Entities which receive an exchanged File Set under the Image Interchange Class of Application Profiles.

File Set Readers may be able to read the DICOMDIR directory file and shall be able to read all the SOP Instance files defined for this Application Profile, using the Transfer Syntaxes specified in the Conformance Statement.


G.3.1 SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes

This Application Profile is based on the Media Storage Service Class (see PS 3.4).

Table G.3-1

STD-GEN-MIME SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes

Information Object Definition Service Object Pair Class UID Transfer Syntax and UID FSC Require-ment FSR Require-ment
Basic Directory 1.2.840.10008.1.3.10 Explicit VR Little Endian Uncompressed 1.2.840.10008.1.2.1 Optional Optional
Composite Image & Stand-alone Storage Refer to: PS 3.4 for SOPs UID definitions Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement Defined in Conformance Statement

The SOP Classes and corresponding Transfer Syntax supported by this Application Profile are specified in the Table G.3-1. The supported Storage SOP Class(es) and Transfers Syntax(es) shall be listed in the Conformance Statement using a table of the same form.

G.3.2 Physical Medium and Medium Format

The STD-GEN-MIME application profile requires the DICOM MIME medium as defined in PS3.12.

G.3.3 Directory Information in DICOMDIR

If the DICOMDIR is included, conformant Application Entities shall include in it the Basic Directory IOD containing Directory Records at the Patient and the subsidiary Study and Series levels, appropriate to the SOP Classes in the File Set.

All DICOM files in the File Set incorporating SOP Instances defined for the specific Application Profile shall be referenced by Directory Records.

Note: 1. DICOMDIRs with no directory information are not allowed by this Application Profile.

2. In the DICOMDIR each object may be referenced by a referenced file ID (e.g. 000/000) which contains multiple values corresponding to a path for physical system, since the MIME organization is flat. There is no requirement that this path will be used by the receiving application to create file hierarchy.

There may only be one DICOMDIR file per File Set. The Patient ID at the patient level shall be unique for each patient directory record in one File Set.

G.3.3.1 Additional Keys

No additional keys are specified.