This Annex defines an Application Profile Class including all defined Media Storage SOP Classes. This class is intended to be used for the interchange of Composite SOP Instances via e-mail for general purpose applications.

Note: This Media Storage Application Profile Class is not intended to replace the more robust DICOM Storage Service Class.

Objects from multiple modalities may be included on the same e-mail. A detailed list of the Media Storage SOP Classes that may be supported is defined in PS 3.4.

Table G.1-1


Application Profile Identifier Description
General Purpose MIME Interchange STD-GEN-MIME Handles interchange of Composite SOP Instances by e-mail.

The identifier for this General Purpose MIME Interchange profile shall be STD-GEN-MIME.

Equipment claiming conformance to this Application Profile shall list the subset of Media Storage SOP Classes that it supports in its Conformance Statement.

Note: Since it is not required to support all Media Storage Classes the user should carefully consider the subset of supported Media Storage SOP Classes in the Conformance Statements of such equipment to establish effective object interchange.