E.3.3 Directory Information in DICOMDIR

Conformant Application Entities shall include in the DICOMDIR File a Basic Directory IOD containing Directory Records at the Patient and subsidiary levels appropriate to the SOP Classes in the File-set. All DICOM files in the File-set incorporating SOP Instances defined for the specific Application Profile shall be referenced by Directory Records.

Note: DICOMDIRs with no directory information are not allowed by this Application Profile.

E.3.3.1 Additional Keys

File Set Creators and Updaters are required to generate the mandatory elements specified in PS 3.3, Annex F of the standard. Table E.3-2 specifies the additional associated keys. At each directory record level other additional data elements can be added, but it is not required that File Set Readers be able to use them as keys. Refer to the Basic Directory IOD in PS 3.3.

E.3.3.2 Localizer Related Attributes

Directory Records of type IMAGE shall include the mandatory attributes from the Frame of Reference and Image Plane modules, if present in the composite image object, as specified in PS3.3 and included in Table E.3-2, in order to allow the image to be referenced to a localizer image or other orthogonal image. The Rows (0028,0010) and Columns (0028,0011) attributes are required in order to facilitate annotation of such a localizer.

Note: The Frame of Reference module is specified in PS 3.3 as mandatory for the CT and MR composite information objects, but not for Secondary Capture objects.

E.3.3.3 Icon Images

Directory Records of type SERIES or IMAGE may include Icon Images. The icon pixel data shall be as specified in PS 3.3 Icon Image Key Definition, and restricted such that Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) shall be MONOCHROME2 or PALETTE COLOR, Bits Allocated (0028,0100) and Bits Stored (0028,0101) shall be equal to 8, and Rows (0028,0010) and Columns (0028,0011) shall be equal to 64.