1 Scope and field of application

This part of the DICOM Standard specifies application specific subsets of the DICOM Standard to which an implementation may claim conformance. Such a conformance statement applies to the interoperable interchange of medical images and related information on storage media for specific clinical uses. It follows the framework, defined in PS 3.10, for the interchange of various types of information on storage media.

This part is related to other parts of the DICOM Standard in that:

- PS 3.2, Conformance , specifies the general rules for assuring interoperability, which are applied for media interchange through the Application Profiles of this part

- PS 3.3, Information Object Definitions , specifies a number of Information Object Definitions (e.g., various types of images) that may be used in conjunction with this part. It also defines a medical Directory structure to facilitate access to the objects stored on media

- PS 3.4, Service Class Specifications , specifies the Media Storage Service Class upon which Application Profiles are built

- PS 3.5, Data Structure and Encoding , addresses the encoding rules necessary to construct a Data Set that is encapsulated in a file as specified in PS 3.10

- PS 3.6, Data Dictionary, contains an index by Tag of all Data Elements related to the Attributes of Information Objects defined in PS3.3. This index includes the Value Representation and Value Multiplicity for each Data Element

- PS 3.10, Media Storage and File Formats for Media Interchange, standardizes the overall open Storage Media architecture used by this part, including the definition of a generic File Format, a Basic File Service and a Directory concept

- PS 3.12, Media Formats and Physical Media, defines a number of standard Physical Media and corresponding Media Formats. These Media Formats and Physical Media selections are referenced by one or more of the Application Profiles of this part. PS 3.12 is intended to be extended as the technologies related to Physical Medium evolve

- PS 3.15, Security Profiles defines a number of profiles for use with Secure DICOM Media Storage Application Profiles. The Media Storage Security Profiles specify the cryptographic techniques to be used for each Secure DICOM File in a Secure Media Storage Application Profile.