PS3.19 of the DICOM Standard specifies an Application Programming Interface (API) to a DICOM-based medical computing system into which programs written to that standardized interface can ‘plug-in’ (see Figure 6.19-1). A Hosting System implementer only needs to create the standardized API once to support a wide variety of add-on Hosted Applications.


Figure 6.19-1. Interface between a Hosted Application and a Hosting System

In the traditional ‘plug-in’ model, the ‘plug-in’ is dedicated to a particular host system (e.g. a web browsing program), and might not run under other host systems (e.g. other web browsing programs). PS3.19 defines an API that may be implemented by any Hosting System. A ’plug-in’ Hosted Application written to the API would be able run in any environment provided by a Hosting System that implements that API (see Figure 6.19-2).


Figure 6.19-2. Illustration of platform independence via the Hosted Application architecture.

PS3.19 specifies both the interactions and the Application Programming Interfaces (API) between Hosting Systems and Hosted Applications. PS3.19 also defines the data models that are used by the API.