6.18 PS 3.18: Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects (WADO)

PS 3.18 of the DICOM Standard specifies the means whereby a request for access to a DICOM persistent object can be expressed as an HTTP URL/URI request that includes a pointer to a specific DICOM persistent object in the form of its Instance UID.

The request also specifies the format of the result to be returned in response to the request.

Examples include:

  1. (MIME) Content-type, e.g., application/dicom or image/jpeg for images, application/dicom or application/rtf or xml for reports

  2. Content-Encodings

  3. reports as HL7/CDA Level 1

The parameters of the query URL as defined within this standard are sufficient for the HTTP server to act as a DICOM SCU (Service Class User) to retrieve the requested object from an appropriate DICOM SCP (Service Class Provider) using baseline DICOM functionality as defined in PS 3.4 and PS 3.7.