6.1 Document Structure

DICOM consists of the following parts:

PS 3.1: Introduction and Overview (this document)

PS 3.2: Conformance

PS 3.3: Information Object Definitions

PS 3.4: Service Class Specifications

PS 3.5: Data Structure and Encoding

PS 3.6: Data Dictionary

PS 3.7: Message Exchange

PS 3.8: Network Communication Support for Message Exchange

PS 3.9: Retired

PS 3.10: Media Storage and File Format for Data Interchange

PS 3.11: Media Storage Application Profiles

PS 3.12: Media Formats and Physical Media for Data Interchange

PS 3.13: Retired

PS 3.14 Grayscale Standard Display Function

PS 3.15: Security Profiles

PS 3.16: Content Mapping Resource

PS 3.17: Explanatory Information

PS 3.18: Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects (WADO)

PS 3.19: Application Hosting

PS 3.20: Transformation of DICOM to and from HL7 Standards

These parts of the Standard are related but independent documents. A brief description of each Part is provided in this section.